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Top 5 Things To Know Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer

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Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most perfect days of your life. You want to have a wedding photographer there to help you capture everything from the day. A wedding photographer is an essential piece of any wedding because they can use their expertise and knowledge to help capture you and your fiance’s love for each other. They can capture the small moments, like dancing, guest interactions, food from the wedding, and decorations. They also need to capture the unforgettable moments like the ceremony, the first kiss, the first dance, and the cake cutting. Your photographer should be able to give you examples of weddings that they have performed in the past. Here are the top five things you should consider before hiring your wedding photographer for your special day.

#1) Ensure Backup Plan Is Available

While emergencies do happen, no one wants a call from a photographer on the day of their wedding saying that they cannot make it. Before you hire a photographer for your wedding it is essential that you make sure they have a back up plan available in case something happens. Many photographers will have an assistant or other professional that is able to jump in for them if they are unable to make it due to an unforeseen event. Make sure the photographer you hire has a back up plan so that your day is not ruined.

#2) Know Your Budget

Before meeting with photographers have a rough idea of what your budget is. You may adjust your budget a little to meet the needs of the photographers, but you should have some idea of what you plan on spending. This can help you narrow down your choice of photographers and can help you find the perfect fit.

#3) Know Your Style

If you are planning for your wedding you have likely been looking through magazines and pictures online to plan and prepare for your big day. You should browse these pictures and find ones that match your style. You may like a certain type or style of photography. Once you understand what you like you can ask your potential photographers if they can take pictures in that style. They can give you sample pictures to see if you approve of their style. This can help you find the perfect fit.

#4) Have A Plan For The Day

Everyone has a different idea for how they want their day to go. You may want one of the best wedding photographer Toronto with you all day and night to shoot everything from getting dressed to the ceremony to the reception. Others may only want the photographer there to take pictures of the ceremony. The demands that you have may influence which photographers are willing to work for you. Share your plans upfront to find the best fit.

#5) Ask About Timeline

A great question that photographers are used to answering is how long it takes to get the photos back. If you want your pictures quickly make sure your photographer knows this. Some people do not care how long it takes so always ask before making assumptions.

Bridal Shower Party Planning

The bridal shower is the party prior to the wedding prepared by the bridesmaids or close female friends. The purpose of the bridal shower is to –you’d never guess – shower the bride with good wishes. Clearly, the bride is the center of attention at the bridal shower party. It doesn’t matter who is hosting or organizing the event. However, family was discouraged from hosting bridal showers, because it may look like they are digging for gifts.

There is no law about who is to organize the shower, but it is usually left for the bridesmaids, friends, or family. The location of the party is typically someone’s house, but bridal showers are often held at restaurants. One of the most significant aspects of planning a successful bridal shower party is to only invite people who will be invited to the wedding. Anyone invited to the shower has every right to be expecting an invitation to the wedding. To avoid uncomfortable mistakes, be sure to consult the bride and key decision makers about the guest list.

The bridal shower, just like your wedding, should be on a day that is convenient to attend. Saturday is probably the best day to have the bridal shower. It helps your guests to attend. The bridal shower should be close to the wedding day but not less than two weeks before.

Bridal shower favors are an important ingredient of the party. Some of the most popular bridal shower favors are personalized chocolates, candles, wine stoppers, manicure sets, or personalized bath gels. In case you have a beach theme bridal shower, your favors can compliment it. For instance, beach chair favors, dolphin wine stoppers, or seashell candles are very popular beach bridal shower favors.

Written invitations are optional. Most people have an e-mail address, so invitations through e-mail are a quick and cost effective option. If the party is at someone’s home, usually finger food is served. Pizza is another common choice of food. Bridal showers are informal events, and you don’t have to make a big deal about the food.

Why have a Wedding Video?

Why? Well the answer is very simple, because you will kick yourself in the B*TT, everyday if you don’t. When you see you other brides having a beautiful video of their Wedding Day, you’ll wonder why you didn’t. Video isn’t just a quaint little side gimmick any more. Video is an art and a profession. Of coarse there are some bad Videographers, and some inexperienced ones, but I think you have enough common sense to weed those out. Lets concentrate on the Experienced, and Qualified Professionals.

In this day when people are capturing life on video with their cell phones, and I-pods and every other gadget, why would you let the most important moment of your life just slip by and not get it on quality video? “But I have an excellent Photographer and it’s already costing me an arm and a leg.” Well, Videography is generally not as expensive as Photography, for a multitude of reasons which I wont go into here. There are also a few very important differences between video and photography. The most obvious one is that they are not the same. The next one is that one DVD of VHS is a lot easier to carry around to a friends house, or send to a relative in some distant state or country, than your entire wedding album made for a wedding photographer downtown Toronto. Also you can copy your DVD or VHS and send it to relatives, where photos you generally don’t get the negatives so you have to go back and have your photographer make you copies for a rather handsome fee. The best reason why Video is so very different from photography I have left for last. Can you take a guess as to what it is? I wont keep you in suspense any longer. The best reason why you really want a video of your Wedding Day is because when you watch your video, it’s like being there all over again. When your spouse is far away and you miss them, when you want to hear yourselves taking your vows again, or when you want to see yourself walking down the isle, you can see it as it really happened. Photos only capture a soundless, emotionless, split second of what happened on your special day. Video captures sound, images, emotion, mood, ambiance, tensions, fears, joys, happiness, sadness, all the emotions of the moment. You don’t need to fill in the blanks with your memory, because there are no blanks.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, than a video must be worth millions of words. I am not saying not to have a photographer at your wedding. I would never be so crazy as to advocate one at the exclusion of another. Even though some photographers do try to talk Brides out of spending on a video so they can get the bride to go for a more expensive photo package. Those are unscrupulous dealers and I hope you can see through their ploy. I believe both Photography and Videography have a useful and legitimate place in your wedding budget and on your wedding day, but going without video is like going without music at your reception, it’s OK, but it could have been better. Do some shopping around, look at some Demo videos, and I’m sure you’ll be convinced that it’s something you really want for the long run, and you’ll get many years of enjoyment out of it. The best part is that as years go by and fashions change, it will be a kick and a hoot to see just how you looked those many years ago. Your kids and grandkids will love it too. No matter what you decide, good luck and be happy.

Why Should You Get Married In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is by far the most popular wedding destination in the United States (and perhaps the world). Over 115,000 weddings are held in Las Vegas every year, and it’s a perfect place for couples and celebrities who want to get married quickly and/or unusually.

Las Vegas weddings have the following advantages:

It’s affordable. Vegas weddings can cost less than traditional wedding ceremonies.

It can be held on very short notice. Most chapels in Las Vegas allow couples to book their wedding right away. Others accommodate walk-ins. But make sure you have a marriage license first, available from the Marriage Bureau, Las Vegas, Nevada which is located at 200 S. 3rd Street, 1st floor Las Vegas, NV 89155-1603 (cost at time of writing was $55).

It’s convenient. Las Vegas hotels usually have their own wedding chapels with a wedding coordinator who takes charge of all the preparations, including the flowers, music and marriage celebrant/officiant and can get in touch with the bridal party on the phone or even online.

It’s fun. Vegas weddings offer couples a fun and amusing wedding – even with an Elvis impersonator!

It allows couples to start their honeymoon early. There’s no need for couples to board a plan and head out of town after the wedding. Las Vegas is a great honeymoon destination!

Your Las Vegas wedding checklist:

1. Set a wedding date.

2. Decide on a Las Vegas wedding chapel. You can check out Las Vegas wedding chapels online.

3. Speak to wedding coordinators to find out about wedding packages and compare service and prices.

4. Book the time and date of the ceremony.

5. Make plane and hotel reservations for yourself and friends and family attending the wedding.

6. Make reservations for a celebratory lunch or dinner.

7. Obtain your marriage license.

8. Slip away after the ceremony and begin your honeymoon!

Below are some points you also need to consider when getting married in Las Vegas.

Watch out for peak holiday seasons that result in busy wedding days, such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

Don’t forget about a wedding dress! There are quite a few places in Las Vegas where you can rent wedding dresses if you don’t wish to buy one.

Extremely hot weather in Las Vegas can be uncomfortable when you’re in a tuxedo or wedding gown; not to mention your hair, makeup and wedding cake icing.

Ensure you meet the legal requirements to get married and have a marriage license before the ceremony.

Now you’re ready for the exciting experience of a Las Vegas wedding. Viva Las Vegas!